William F . Smith

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We present a new fully automated instrument for the measurement of acid gases and soluble anionic constituents of atmospheric particulate matter. The instrument operates in two independent parallel channels. In one channel, a wet denuder collects soluble acid gases; these are analyzed by anion chromatography (IC). In a second channel, a cyclone removes(More)
Engineered antibodies are a large and growing class of protein therapeutics comprising both marketed products and many molecules in clinical trials in various disease indications. We investigated naturally conserved networks of amino acids that support antibody V(H) and V(L) function, with the goal of generating information to assist in the engineering of(More)
A random sample of 938 19-month-old Edmonton children and their parents/caretakers were studied. Parents were interviewed and children were examined. Specimens for a caries activity test were collected at the examination. Results indicated 25 percent of the children had moderate to high caries activity, as shown by the Cariostat, with 4.6 percent showing(More)
We introduce a novel experimental method to determine both the extent of ex vivo receptor occupancy of administered compound and its dissociation rate constant (k4). [Here, we reference k4 as the rate of offset of unlabeled ligand in convention with Motulsky and Mahan (1)]. We derived a kinetic rate equation based on the dissociation rate constant for an(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to review data from the province of Alberta, Canada for First Nations children who required more than 1 general anesthesia (GA) procedure for dental surgery from 1996 to 2005. METHODS This study was limited to First Nations and Inuit children younger than 18 years old in Alberta who received 2 or more GA procedures to(More)
A novel fluoride-centered triangular-bridged carboxylate complex, [Ni2Cr(μ3-F)(O2C(t)Bu)6(HO2C(t)Bu)3] (1), is reported. Simple postsynthetic substitution of the terminal pivalic acids in 1 with pyridine and 4-methylpyridine led to the isolation of [Ni2Cr(μ3-F)(O2C(t)Bu)6(C5H5N)3] (2) and [Ni2Cr(μ3-F)(O2C(t)Bu)6((4-CH3)C5H4N)3] (3). Structural and magnetic(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer (CRC) testing programs reduce mortality; however, approximately 40% of the recommended population who should undergo CRC testing does not. Early colon cancer detection in patient populations ineligible for testing, such as the elderly or those with significant comorbidities, could have clinical benefit. Despite many attempts(More)
Biodiesel, defined as mono-alkyl esters of long-chain fatty acids derived from vegetable oils or animal fats, is an attractive renewable fuel alternative to conventional petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel produced from oils such as cottonseed oil and poultry fats suffer from extremely poor cold flow properties because of their high saturated fatty acid(More)
Advances in analog fiber optic telemetry and high sample rate/wide bandwidth analog-to-digital converters have enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated instrumentation suited for the highly stressing electromagnetic environment associated with many pulsed power systems. We report the development of several new capabilities, one based on analog(More)