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This paper describes the effect of external chloride on the typical swelling response induced in duck red cells by hypertonicity or norepinephrine. Lowering chloride inhibits swelling and produces concomitant changes in net movements of sodium and potassium in ouabain-treated cells, which resemble the effect of lowering external sodium or potassium.(More)
The transient increase in cation permeability observed in duck red cells incubated with norepinephrine has been shown to be a linked, bidirectional, co-transport of sodium plus potassium. This pathway, sensitive to loop diuretics such as furosemide, was found to have a [Na + K] stoichiometry of 1:1 under all conditions tested. Net sodium efflux was(More)
Hexane extracts of epicuticular wax from cv. Gala apples were noted to have an unusual, broad absorbance maximum at approximately 258 nm, which led us to isolate and identify the primary UV-absorbing compounds. Column and thin-layer chromatography yielded a fraction that gave a series of paired, 260-nm-absorbing peaks on C(18) HPLC. These were shown to be a(More)
Verapamil, the prototype calcium channel blocker, reversibly inhibits cell proliferation in many normal and tumour cell lines (Schmidt et al., Cancer Res., 48, 3617, 1988). We have found that two closely related cell lines - B16 murine melanoma cells and B10.BR normal murine melanocytes growing in culture - behave differently in the presence of verapamil,(More)
Recent studies have shown that the calcium channel blockers, when combined with standard anticancer drugs, help overcome resistance that often develops to those drugs. Little is known about the effects of the calcium channel blockers themselves on tumor cells. We have studied the effects of one calcium channel blocker, verapamil, on human tumor cell lines(More)
 The Creative Project Design sequence is a 2 semester long capstone design project in the University of Arkansas mechanical engineering department. It is split into the CPD I class (primarily lecture), followed by CPD II (all project work; no lecture) the subsequent semester. This course covers project management and the iterative design process, including(More)
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