William F. Reinke

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An approach to boundary evaluation and a boundary representation are presented. The approach uses nonmanifold topology (NMT) to overcome editing and coverage limitations associated with the manifold nature of existing boundary evaluation schemes. It merges the input primitives into a single representation and selects the entities in the merged set that(More)
To integrate a CSG-based solid modeler into an existing wireframe/surface modeling system, new boundary evaluation technology has been developed. This scheme uses exact representations for the simple quadric surfaces and both exact and approximate representations of higher-order curved surfaces. It supports parametric primitives (box, wedge, sphere,(More)
Short time Fourier power spectra yield activity related data of the EEG. The mean power densities of frequency bands have proved a reliable descriptive parameter of that activity. Due to their distributional properties of these data their analysis by conventional statistics is restricted to nonparametric univariate or at most bivariate tests. In order to(More)
15 normal volunteers were treated over three weeks with haloperidol (HAL) and in the third week additionally with biperidene (BIP). The order of the EEG spectra at different topographical locations and in different frequency bands during a movement task was analyzed using uncertainty analysis (UA), a multivariate analysis technique based on(More)
Animal experiments have demonstrated that the cholinergic system plays an important role in the activation of the cerebral cortex in conjunction with motor activities. In order to study the significance of the cholinergic system in the generation of voluntary movements in man, the effects of the anticholinergic drug biperidene on EEG states were analyzed.(More)
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