William F. Humphrey

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PAWS (Parallel Application WorkSpace) is a software infrastructure for use in connecting separate parallel applications within a component-like model. A central PAWS Controller coordinates the linking of serial or parallel applications across a network to allow them to share parallel data structures such as multidimensional arrays. Applications use the PAWS(More)
The Parallel Object-Oriented Methods and Applications (POOMA) Framework, written in ANSI/ISO C++, has demonstrated both great expressiveness and eecient code performance for large-scale scientiic applications on computing platforms ranging from workstations to massively parallel supercomputers. The POOMA Framework provides high-level abstractions for(More)
The POOMA Framework is an object-oriented library and application suite implemented in C++ which enables the parallel simulation of the dynamics of interacting particles and elds. Using templates, POOMA provides a exible and intuitive syntax to express global eld and particle operations and creates applications with near hand-coded performance. POOMA is(More)
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