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Gaussian plume models, such as CAP88, are used regularly for estimating downwind concentrations from stack emissions. At many facilities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) requires that CAP88 be used to demonstrate compliance with air quality regulations for public protection from emissions of radionuclides. Gaussian plume models have the(More)
Hazardous contaminants buried within vadose zones can accumulate in soil gas. The concentrations and spatial extent of these contaminants are measured to evaluate potential transport to groundwater for public risk evaluation. Tritium is an important contaminant found and monitored for in vadose zones across numerous sites within the US nuclear weapons(More)
Internal dose caused by exposure to (239)Pu/(240)Pu is calculated for a group of 210 former Los Alamos workers who participated in the urine bioassay programme during the years 1944-45. An iterative Bayesian procedure is employed, where the distribution of intake amounts resulting from an initial calculation is used to define a prior probability(More)
Smoke from a wildfire in northern New Mexico that moved along the border of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) was monitored for ²³⁹Pu in the event that the fire might cross into LANL property containing locations with low, but greater than background, levels of ²³⁹Pu and other alpha-emitting radionuclides. Three Environmental Continuous Air Monitors(More)
Versions of the computer program, CAP88, are widely used to calculate the radiological doses from radionuclides emitted into the air. CAP88-PC Version-3 includes an extensive library of radionuclides, but there are many more that are not included. Surrogates are often used to substitute for nuclides not in the library, though the results are usually(More)
Dose assessments typically consider environmental systems as static through time, but environmental disturbances such as drought and fire are normal, albeit infrequent, events that can impact dose-influential attributes of many environmental systems. These phenomena occur over time frames of decades or longer, and are likely to be exacerbated under(More)
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