William Evert

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Every ethnic group has its own cultural background and history that influences how it views health behaviors. By virtue of their work history, many Vietnamese have pursued the fishing industry when migrating to the United States. Even though the fishing trades are among the most dangerous jobs in the world, there has been little attention in the literature(More)
We describe a boy presenting at the end of the first year of life with severely delayed motor development and only mild mental retardation. Neurological examination revealed axial hypotonia, mild ataxia and pyramidal signs. Elevated lactate and protein in cerebrospinal fluid were the most prominent laboratory abnormalities. Brain MRI showed severe(More)
A 4.5 months old girl was suspected to have Glycogenosis type I because of hepatomegalie and recurrent hypoglycemia. Liverbiopsy revealed a normal glycogen content and a normal in vitro activity of glucose-6-phosphatase. We then examined the carbohydrate metabolism and could demonstrate that in vitro the transfer of glucose-6-phosphate to glucose was(More)
An Interview With Vietnamese Fishermen of Louisiana in the Wake of the Oil Spill Jeffrey L. Levin MD MSPH a , Karen Gilmore MPH a , Ann Carruth DNS RN b , Matthew W. Nonnenmann PhD CIH a , William Evert c & Denae King PhD a a University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler , Tyler, Texas, USA b Southeastern Louisiana University , Hammond, Louisiana, USA(More)
Summing up, we can say that, basing on the hypothyreosis screening results obtained in the Federal Republic of Germany, a rate of 100 to 160 new hypothyreosis patients must be expected annually for every 500.000 births. Of these more than half is recognized at a time only at which irreparable damage of the central nervous system has already occurred. With(More)
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