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It is crucially important to detect subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) in all patients in whom it has occurred to select patients for angiography and preventative surgery. A computerized tomography (CT) scan is positive in up to 98% of patients with SAH presenting within 12 h, but is positive in only 50% of those presenting within one week. Cerebrospinal fluid(More)
This case report highlights the immunological considerations in patients who are diagnosed with disseminated infection due to BCG or environmental mycobacteria. A 17-year-old boy presented with a four-week history of neck pain, difficulty chewing and deviation of his tongue to the right. On examination there was tenderness of the mid-cervical spine and a(More)
A proportion of people living with common variable immunodeficiency disorders develop granulomatous-lymphocytic interstitial lung disease (GLILD). We aimed to develop a consensus statement on the definition, diagnosis, and management of GLILD. All UK specialist centers were contacted and relevant physicians were invited to take part in a 3-round online(More)
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