William E Waterfall

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BACKGROUND The treatment of gastroparesis remains unsatisfactory despite prokinetic and anti-emetic drugs. Gastric electrical stimulation has been proposed as a therapeutic option. We have assessed the effect of gastric electrical stimulation on symptoms, medical treatment, body weight and gastric emptying in patients with intractable symptomatic(More)
The role of myogenic electrical activity in the coordination of circumferential contraction of the human colon circular muscle was investigated. Five suction electrodes were placed (5-7 mm apart) on isolated rings of human colon and simultaneously electrical and motor activities were measured. In normal Krebs solution, the slow waves were not synchronised(More)
The role of myogenic and neural control systems in esophageal motility was studied in anesthetized opossums by applying electrical pulses at 20 to 40 v, and 100 to 400-msec pulse width directly to muscle layers, by cervical vagal stimulation (10 to 25 pulses per sec, 0.5 to 5-msec pulse width, 10 to 40 v), and by balloon distention. Direct muscle(More)
Electrical and mechanical activities were recorded from the rectosigmoid of normal subjects using an intraluminal recording tube with two sets of bipolar electrodes and strain gauges. Four distinct types of electrical activities were recorded. (1) Electrical control activity (ECA). This activity varied in amplitude and frequency over time and the control(More)
This report presents the findings of investigation of a child with idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (IIP). Functional abnormalities of the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract were disclosed by electrical recordings from the gut obtained after laparotomy. In vitro analysis of tissue and ultrastructure were undertaken and a possible aetiology(More)
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