William E Waterfall

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BACKGROUND The treatment of gastroparesis remains unsatisfactory despite prokinetic and anti-emetic drugs. Gastric electrical stimulation has been proposed as a therapeutic option. We have assessed the effect of gastric electrical stimulation on symptoms, medical treatment, body weight and gastric emptying in patients with intractable symptomatic(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to examine the long-term efficacy of intrasphincteric Botulinum toxin A injection in a prospective cohort study of 30 patients with achalasia. METHODS Thirty patients with classical achalasia were treated with intrasphincteric Botulinum toxin A injection. Follow-up consisted of clinical assessment, symptom scoring, and postinjection(More)
An intraluminal probe with two sets of bipolar electrodes (4 cm apart) was used to record electrical control activity (ECA) from the rectosigmoid of 17 normal subjects and 16 IBS patients in the resting state, during neutral and stressful interviews, and after a meal or neostigmine. Fast Fourier transform method was used for the frequency analysis of ECA.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the outcome and 3-year mortality rate among patients discharged from a coronary care unit (CCU) with a diagnosis of "chest pain not yet diagnosed." DESIGN Prospective observational cohort study. SETTING CCU in a university teaching hospital. PATIENTS All 158 eligible patients discharged from the CCU between August 1986 and(More)
The role of myogenic electrical activity in the coordination of circumferential contraction of the human colon circular muscle was investigated. Five suction electrodes were placed (5-7 mm apart) on isolated rings of human colon and simultaneously electrical and motor activities were measured. In normal Krebs solution, the slow waves were not synchronised(More)
Electrical and mechanical activities were recorded from the rectosigmoid of normal subjects using an intraluminal recording tube with two sets of bipolar electrodes and strain gauges. Four distinct types of electrical activities were recorded. (1) Electrical control activity (ECA). This activity varied in amplitude and frequency over time and the control(More)
Colonic electrical control activity and colonic motor activity in patients with IBS were compared to that found in patients who were equally psychologically disturbed but without bowel symptoms and to the colonic activity of normal subjects. A psychologic assessment was followed by measurement of activity in the rectosigmoid colon during baseline, a neutral(More)
Intraulminal recordings of motility were made from a patient with chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudoodstruction. Contractile activity was recorded from esophagus and duodenum with and without cholinergic stimulation. Electrical activity was recorded from duodenum with and without cholinergic stimulation. Contractile and electrical activities were recorded(More)