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A patient with an intracranial dermoid tumor that ruptured secondary to closed head trauma is described. Intracranial dermoid tumors (cysts) have been reported to rupture spontaneously during or following surgery. To the authors' knowledge, rupture of a dermoid cyst following closed head trauma has not been reported.
The goal of this study was to test the hypothesis that NADPH oxidase contributes importantly to renal cortical oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as renal damage and dysfunction, and increases in arterial pressure. Fifty-four 7- to 8-wk-old Dahl salt-sensitive (S) or R/Rapp strain rats were maintained for 5 wk on a high sodium (8%) or high sodium +(More)
The application of a raw data-based, operator-independent MR segmentation technique to differentiate boundaries of tumor from edema or hemorrhage is demonstrated. A case of a glioblastoma multiforme with gross and histopathologic correlation is presented. The MR image data set was segmented into tissue classes based on three different MR weighted image(More)