William E Oldenhoff

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Dysregulation of immune responses within joints plays an important role in development of inflammatory arthritis. We determined expression of a panel of immune response and matrix turnover genes in synovial fluid collected from a group of dogs with stifle oligoarthritis and associated degenerative cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture (n=27). We also(More)
BACKGROUND Pythium insidiosum is an oomycete that causes cutaneous lesions or infiltrative gastrointestinal disease in dogs, cats, humans, horses and other mammals, primarily in tropical and subtropical climates. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES We report the clinicopathological findings associated with cutaneous pythiosis in two dogs from a Northern temperate(More)
Mixtures of bacterial nucleic acids can often be detected in synovial joints affected with arthritis. We investigated the potential role of such mixtures of bacterial nucleic acids in the pathogenesis of arthritis in a naturally occurring canine model. Dogs with a common inflammatory knee arthritis in which associated pathological degenerative anterior(More)
We would like to report the findings of a 1 year surveillance study of a veterinary medical teaching hospital for environmental contamination with dermatophytic fungi, specifically Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton spp. The impetus for this study was the examination of a cat with severe M. canis dermatophytosis infection in our(More)
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