William E. Kastenberg

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With the advent of the newest technologies, it is necessary for engineering to incorporate the integration of social responsibility and technical integrity. A possible approach to accomplishing this integration is by expanding the culture of the engineering profession so that it is more congruent with the complex nature of the technologies that are now(More)
After the accidents at Chernobyl, the Soviet Union, and in Goiania, Brazil, there is increasing concern about the medical risks from radiation accidents. This overview summarizes the principles of nuclear energy, the biologic effects of accidental radiation exposure, the emergency response to nuclear accidents, and approaches to treating radiation injuries.(More)
In this paper, assumptions regarding future land use as a key uncertainty is considered and its impact on risk analysis for contaminated sites is assessed. Risks are assessed for two land use scenarios (current-use industrial and future-use residential) using probabilistic models that incorporate uncertainty and variability in the exposure parameters.(More)
The Umvermw of Ca/iforma Transpormtaon Center (UCTC) ,sane of ten regional ~.xt~ mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1988 to suppor~ research, educauon, and ~rmmng it, surface t~,ms-pormtmn. The UC Center serves federal Region IX and ts st.xpponed by rrmtchmg grants from the U.S. Department of Transportmaon, the California Department of(More)
This paper is intended to provide some preliminary thinking regarding the foundations and general framework for assessing and managing the risks of Generation IV nuclear energy systems. The keyword here is system, in that an “ecological” approach is required. Formally, ecology is defined as the study of the biological relationships between a living organism(More)
A commentary is provided on the uncertainties in the data and in qualifying the phenomena relating to the risks imposed by the various steps involved in the use of coal, oil, natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear fuels for the generation of electricity. Uncertainties appear to be extremely large for hydropower which exhibits both large scale ecological(More)
The complexity inherent in the newest technologies as well as the complexity inherent in the multiplicity and diversity of societal needs and perspectives in relation to those technologies calls for a new approach to undergraduate engineering education. We believe this new approach requires a paradigmatic shift from a linear reductionist mindset to a(More)
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