William E. Hefley

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Although the Latino American male population is increasing, the subgroup Latino men's health remains underinvestigated. This study examined the overall pattern of Latino male health and health care utilization in major subgroups, using a nationally representative sample (N = 1,127) from the National Latino and Asian American Study. The authors evaluated(More)
We consider the significant work in both the humancomputer interaction and artificial intelligence fields in the area of intelligent interfaces, placing into a structure the disparate strands of research work. We treat design and implementation issues, covering the relationship between user interface management systems (UIMS) architectures and interface(More)
www.stsc.hill.af.mil 9 T People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM) is a road map for implementing work-force practices that continually improve the capability of an organization’s work force. The People CMM is a process-based model that assumes work-force practices are organizational processes that can be continuously improved through the same methods(More)
Duffy et al., Online Help: Desigx and Ezdziation, Ablex, 1992) and on creating effective learning environments 0. Carroll, The ~ V u r n b q Funnel. MI7‘ Press, 19?0), but study after study indicates that the typical user still generall). goes to colleagues and cow-orkers for help. (If you don’t believe me, spend an afternoon in a video arcade Editors: Bill(More)
While commoditization is creating opportunities for customers of information technology services, it is creating new challenges for the service providers. Pricing strategies are one of the most important challenges and decisions for today’s IT service providers. Pricing strategies for IT services have traditionally focused on covering costs, achieving(More)