William E. Halal

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Business is caught in a struggle between escalating demands for social responsibility versus urgent needs for profitability to survive a more competitive world. With the onset of a new economic system based on knowledge rather than capital, this conflict can be resolved by viewing stakeholders as partners who create economic and social value through(More)
The information in this report is intended to identify resources and methods for improving the AHRQ Health Care Horizon Scanning System in the future. The purpose of the AHRQ Health Care Horizon Scanning System is to assist funders of research in making well-informed decisions in designing and funding comparative-effectiveness research. This report may(More)
Jeremy Rifkin has been delighting audiences for years with a series of fine books on major issues of the day, and this latest book of his is outstanding in many ways. It is erudite yet easy to read, and it addresses big problems, such as global warming, energy, and climate change. Rifkin's theme is the rise of empathy in a world struggling to avoid the(More)
We Can't Really " Manage " Knowledge The recent rise and decline of interest in knowledge has been so dramatic that it mirrors the dot-com boom. About ten years ago, " organizational learning " caught fire as managers struggled to cope with a world of constant change. Then CEOs were sold on " knowledge management " (KM) by initiatives that tapped this(More)
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