William E Gruner

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As the size of functional and structural MRI datasets expands, it becomes increasingly important to establish a baseline from which diagnostic relevance may be determined, a processing strategy that efficiently prepares data for analysis, and a statistical approach that identifies important effects in a manner that is both robust and reproducible. In this(More)
Aberrant topological properties of small-world human brain networks in patients with schizophrenia (SZ) have been documented in previous neuroimaging studies. Aberrant functional network connectivity (FNC, temporal relationships among independent component time courses) has also been found in SZ by a previous resting state functional magnetic resonance(More)
In this article several experimentally identified Mn valence-sensitive ELNES quantities for the La1-xSrxMnO3 compound class are presented, namely the energy separations between Mn-L3 and O-Ka, between O-Kb and O-Ka edges, the Mn-L2,3 white line intensity ratio, and the Mn-L3 line width. Valence sensitivities of these quantities are evaluated, and possible(More)
Hexagonal Aluminium nitride (h-AlN) is an important wide-bandgap semiconductor material which is conventionally fabricated by high temperature carbothermal reduction of alumina under toxic ammonia atmosphere. Here we report a simple, low cost and potentially scalable mechanochemical procedure for the green synthesis of nanostructured h-AlN from a powder(More)
A case is reported of a patient with carcinoid syndrome who developed a exogenous psychosis while under treatment with the serotonin-inhibitor p-chlorophenylalanine (PCPA). Partial symptoms similar to delirium and schizophrenia were exhibited. The attached literature survey focuses on the psychological side effects of PCPA treatment. A discussion follows(More)
The article reports on the setting-up of a department of psychiatry at the general hospital in the Freudenstadt district. The department comprises 60 beds and represents the first hospital-integrated psychiatric department of its kind of the Baden-Württemberg Land government. It was inaugurated in the summer of 1976. The experience collected over a period(More)
The phase stability, crystal structure, and magnetic properties of perovskite-like nonstoichiometric Sr(2)CoIrO(6-δ) were studied. Oxygen deficiency can be well controlled and reversibly varied up to δ = 0.33. A single phase exists at least for partial oxygen pressures between 10(-5) and 1 bar at 1273 K, followed by phase decomposition at higher temperature(More)