William E Gordon

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PURPOSE To determine whether a computer-assisted target volume delineation (CAT) system using a deformable image registration approach can reduce the variation of target delineation among physicians with different head and neck (HN) IMRT experiences and reduce the time spent on the contouring process. MATERIALS AND METHODS We developed a deformable image(More)
Lately, the promising results obtained with autologous cancer vaccines are stimulating new research in the old field of cancer immunotherapy. This paper describes the development of a procedure previously reported by us that is used to obtain an autologous hemoderivative with antitumoral properties. The procedure has been tested in a phase I-II, randomized,(More)
An antiserum has been found in a nonimmunized rabbit which reacts strongly with a system of filaments in various fibroblasts, epithelial cells, macrophages and neuroblastoma. These filaments are distinct from the actin microfilament bundles visualized by an antibody against actin, and they are not affected by brief treatment with cytochalasin B. The pattern(More)
Studies have shown that cancer requires two conditions for tumor progression: cancer cell proliferation and an environment permissive to and conditioned by malignancy. Chemotherapy aims to control the number and proliferation of cancer cells, but it does not effectively control the two best-known conditions of the tumor-permissive environment:(More)
The bacterial enzymes beta-glucuronidase, azoreductase, and nitroreductase, all implicated in the etiology of colon cancer, were measured in the fecal microflora of rats and humans. The effect of a high-beef diet and advanced age on the activities of these microbial enzymes were determined in the rat. Rats shifted from a grain to a meat diet showed a 1.5-(More)
A multiclinic, double-blind, parallel and controlled study was conducted in the 1982 spring pollen season to evaluate and compare the effects of terfenadine, 60 mg bid with those of chlorpheniramine 4 mg tid and placebo for a treatment period of seven days in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Of a total of 397 patients enrolled in(More)
PURPOSE It has been reported that insulin increases the cytotoxic effect in vitro of methotrexate by as much as 10,000-fold. The purpose of this study was to explore the clinical value of insulin as a potentiator of methotrexate. PATIENTS AND METHODS Included in this prospective, randomized clinical trial were 30 women with metastatic breast cancer(More)
The question of whether or not there is an increase in adrenal cortical secretion during pregnancy remains unsettled. Morphologic studies of the adrenal during gestation have revealed enlargement of the gland in some species (1) and no enlargement in others (2). In the human female, several groups of investigators have observed a progressive rise in the(More)