William E. Gordon

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Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors (CKIs) and Notch receptor activation have been shown to influence adult stem cells and progenitors by altering stem cell self-renewal and proliferation. Yet, no interaction between these molecular pathways has been defined. Here we show that ligand-independent and ligand-dependent activation of Notch1 induces transcription(More)
Epidermal differentiation and stratification, crucial for barrier formation, are regulated by a complex interplay of transcription factors, including the evolutionarily conserved Grainyhead-like 3 (Grhl3/Get1); Grhl3-deleted mice exhibit impaired epidermal differentiation and decreased expression of multiple differentiation genes. To test whether Grhl3(More)
In this review, we describe methods to generate and characterize sequence-specific phosphoamino acid antibodies. Several of the early contributions regarding the utility of such antibodies are summarized. Three antiphosphopeptide antibodies derived from sequences of the Bcr protein are described. They are anti-Bcr pSer-354, anti-Bcr pTyr-328, and anti-Bcr(More)
A multiclinic, double-blind, parallel and controlled study was conducted in the 1982 spring pollen season to evaluate and compare the effects of terfenadine, 60 mg bid with those of chlorpheniramine 4 mg tid and placebo for a treatment period of seven days in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Of a total of 397 patients enrolled in(More)
An antiserum has been found in a nonimmunized rabbit which reacts strongly with a system of filaments in various fibroblasts, epithelial cells, macrophages and neuroblastoma. These filaments are distinct from the actin microfilament bundles visualized by an antibody against actin, and they are not affected by brief treatment with cytochalasin B. The pattern(More)
To determine the rates of methionine splanchnic uptake and utilization in critically ill pediatric patients we used two kinetic models: the plasma methionine enrichment and the "intracellular" homocysteine enrichment. Twenty four patients, eight infants, eight children, and eight adolescents, were studied. They received simultaneous, primed, constant,(More)
BACKGROUND To determine nutrient requirements by the carbon oxidation techniques, it is necessary to know the fraction of carbon dioxide produced during the oxidative process but not excreted. This fraction has not been described in critically ill children. By measuring the dilution of (13)C infused by metabolically produced carbon dioxide, the rates of(More)