William E. Cleve

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BACKGROUND In June 2008, burning peat deposits produced haze and air pollution far in excess of National Ambient Air Quality Standards, encroaching on rural communities of eastern North Carolina. Although the association of mortality and morbidity with exposure to urban air pollution is well established, the health effects associated with exposure to(More)
A sample from Malawi was studied for the genetic markers haptoglobin (HP), group-specific component (GC) and transferrin (TF). The following allele frequencies were found. For HP: 1F = 0.355, 1S = 0.204, 2FS = 0.396, 2SS = 0.044; the allele 2FF was not observed. For GC: 1F = 0.814, 1S = 0.057, 2 = 0.079, 1A1 = 0.047, 2A1 = 0.0025. For TF: C1 = 0.894, C2 =(More)
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