William E. Carlson

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Orthoses are the primary conservative treatment option for control of dynamic equinus in spastic cerebral palsy. Our purpose was to compare the effects of a fixed ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), a supramalleolar orthosis (SMO), and a no-brace condition, but including shoes. Gait analyses were performed on 11 children with spastic diplegia, using a system with(More)
Forty-four children (fifty-eight hips) who had a slipped capital femoral epiphysis were managed by in situ pinning with a single cannulated screw. This method of treatment was first used in our institution in 1983. Thirty-one boys and thirteen girls were followed for an average of three years (range, two to six years). There were eight acute slips and fifty(More)
The Ada programming language was finalized in July 1980 with the publication of the proposed standard Ada Language Reference Manual [A1]. That standard document is being reviewed for clarity and internal consistency under American National Standards Institute (ANSI) canvas procedures in preparation for the issuance of an ANSI Standard for Ada. Ada is also(More)
I. Tridodecyl glyceryl ether (I ,z,3-tridodecoxypropane) was prepared and purified for use as a lipid-soluble indicator of fat absorption. It was separated from other lipids present in samples of diet, digesta and faeces by thin-layer chromatography and determined by gas-liquid chromatography. 2. In balance studies using rats which received a semi-purified(More)
There has been significant progress in the formal verification of system designs and of programs in the last few years, but there are many problems remaining. In an effort to assess the state of the art on the practical side of formal verification, a workshop (VERkshop) was held in April at SRI, co-organized by Peter Neumann and Steve Walker (DoD). There(More)
Below is a complete listing of papers, technical reports, and PhD dissertations that have their roots in our research group. If you would like copies of any of them, please mark the ones that you want and return the list to: The papers are free of charge with the exception of PhD dissertations and the Haskell Report, for which we charge a nominal fee of $10(More)