William Doherty

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The aldehyde inhibitor Z-Ala-Ala-Phe-CHO has been synthesized and shown by (13)C-NMR to react with the active site serine hydroxyl group of alpha-chymotrypsin to form two diastereomeric hemiacetals. For both hemiacetals oxyanion formation occurs with a pKa value of ~7 showing that chymotrypsin reduces the oxyanion pKa values by ~5.6 pKa units and stabilizes(More)
Two new papain inhibitors have been synthesized where the terminal α-carboxyl groups of Z-Phe-Ala-COOH and Ac-Phe-Gly-COOH have been replaced by a proton to give Z-Phe-Ala-H and Ac-Phe-Gly-H. We show that for papain, replacing the terminal carboxylate group of a peptide inhibitor with a hydrogen atom decreases binding 3-4 fold while replacing an aldehyde or(More)
An existing surface metrology algorithm, based on digital fringe projection, has been applied to measure specular discontinuous surfaces. Using in-house developed software, phase maps are measured by phase-stepping interferometry. Temporal Phase Unwrapping method is then used to perform unwrapping, leading to obtaining slope at every point on the(More)
Internal fixation of oblique metacarpal fractures was studied in a cadaver model by impact loading. One hundred twenty fresh-frozen human metacarpals underwent compressive and bending impacts after oblique osteotomy and internal fixation. Dorsal plating with lag screws, 2 dorsal lag screws (2-screws), crossed Kirschner wire tension band (crossed K-wire), 5(More)
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