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Freshwater crabs and the biodiversity crisis: Importance, threats, status, and conservation challenges
Freshwater ecosystems in the tropics host a diverse endemic fauna including freshwater crabs, but the rapid loss and deterioration of habitat means that many species are now under imminent threat.Expand
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The Diversity of Life in African Freshwaters: Under Water, Under Threat: An Analysis of the Status and Distribution of Freshwater Species throughout Mainland Africa
This volume gives the most up-to-date information on the distributions and conservation status of species in all inland water ecosystems across mainland continental Africa and the reasons behindExpand
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Implications of bias in conservation research and investment for freshwater species
Human population growth and economic development threaten the integrity of freshwater ecosystems globally, reducing their ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. However, ourExpand
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Conservation priorities for freshwater biodiversity: the key biodiversity area approach refined and tested for continental Africa
Freshwater ecosystems represent one of the most threatened broad habitat types globally. Despite containing around a third of all vertebrates, area-based approaches to conservation planning rarelyExpand
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Freshwater key biodiversity areas in the Mediterranean basin hotspot
While the Mediterranean basin biodiversity hotspot is well known for its globally important biodiversity, its freshwater biodiversity has not been as widely recognized for its importance. ThroughExpand
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The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the eastern Mediterranean
The Eastern Mediterranean region supports just over 4.4% of the global human population yet contains only 1.1% of its renewable water resources, which are under constant threat from the impacts ofExpand
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Sustaining Freshwater Biodiversity in the Anthropocene
Globally, fresh water is a limited resource, covering only about 0.8 % of the world’s surface area. With over 126,000 species living in its ecosystems, freshwater harbours a disproportionate share ofExpand
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An integrated wetland assessment toolkit : a guide to good practice
For billions of people throughout the world – especially the poorest – wetlands are critical for livelihoods. Wetlands are also home to an enormous diversity of wildlife, much of it unique toExpand
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