William D. Winkelman

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The complex molecular communications that occur between neoplastic and stromal cells within the tumor microenvironment play an integral role in breast cancer pathogenesis. Carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAF) produce tumor-enhancing factors and have been strongly implicated in breast cancer development. Similar to the way in which tumors have been(More)
INTRODUCTION Infertility affects approximately 6.7 million women in the United States. Couples with infertility have significantly more anxiety, depression, and stress. This is compounded by the fact that almost 40% of couples undergoing assisted reproduction technology still cannot conceive, which can have an ongoing effect on quality of life, marital(More)
Vaginal calculi are extremely rare and are most commonly encountered in the setting of an urethrovaginal or vesicovaginal fistula. We present a case of a 72-year-old woman with mixed urinary incontinence and vaginal mesh exposure incidentally found to have a large vaginal calculus. We removed the calculus surgically and analyzed the components. Results(More)
To study the perspectives of the United States population towards the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in various clinical scenarios. Online cross-sectional population based questionnaire of a nationally representative sample according to age, gender, race/ethnicity, income, education and religion. A total of 1006 completed the questionnaire(More)
PURPOSE Religion and/or spirituality (R/S) have increasingly been recognized as key elements in patients' experience of advanced illness. This study examines the relationship of spiritual concerns (SCs) to quality of life (QOL) in patients with advanced cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients were recruited between March 3, 2006 and April 14, 2008 as part(More)
BACKGROUND Retained fetal bone fragments may be an underreported and underappreciated cause of secondary infertility among women with an antecedent spontaneous or induced abortion. CASES Three patients with a history of an antecedent induced abortion presented with secondary infertility. The infertility evaluation diagnosed retained intrauterine fetal(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify clinical and demographic characteristics that moderate response to treatment with fesoterodine among women with a diagnosis of urgency-predominant urinary incontinence. METHODS A multicenter, double-blinded, 12-week randomized controlled trial of pharmacologic therapy for urgency-predominant urinary(More)
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