William D. Roome

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C++ and Concurrent C are both upward-compatible supersets of C that respectively provide data<lb>abstraction and parallel programming facilities. Although data abstraction facilities are important for<lb>writing concurrent programs, we did not provide data abstraction facilities in Concurrent C because we did<lb>not want to duplicate the C++ research(More)
OdeFS is a file-like interface to the Ode object-oriented database. Database objects are accessed and manipulated like files in a traditional file system using standard UNIX commands. For example, the ls command can be used to list the objects in a directory and the cat command can be used to display the contents of an object. Editors such as vi and emacs(More)
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a key component of cloud computing systems, since they provide isolated connectivity between geographically separated users. The elasticity in cloud computing and new usage patterns such as cloud bursting require VPNs to be more dynamic than traditional solutions used by network service providers. Managing and optimizing(More)
This paper discusses the service broker, a function introduced into next-generation networks to manage interactions among applications, to reuse existing applications in a combined fashion, and/or to enable existing applications with capabilities such as presence, location, and policy. With the service broker, a minimal set of applications can be configured(More)
We consider the problem of building tightly coupled network and cloud management systems for &#x201C;carrier clouds&#x201D; based on an abstract view of the dynamic network state. Optimized resource placement in distributed clouds requires information about the internal network topology and state, in addition to other data center information. We present a(More)
The Intelligent Store (IS) is a page manager for an experimental local computer network. Typical clients of the IS are a database manager or a file manager. The IS provides concurrent, transaction-oriented, read-write-search access to a large database of pages. The IS ensures that committing a transaction is atomic and permanent, in spite of crashes. The IS(More)
Service brokering considerably enhances advanced service architectures, such as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), since the myriad applications potentially involved in a call or other session are located in the application layer and are separate and large grained. Through effective service brokering &#x2014; that is, the effective blending and coordinating of(More)