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CONTEXT Outpatient programs have been traditionally offered in the U.S. under programs such as the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Recommendations now emphasize a blended model in which palliative care is offered concurrently with curative approaches at the onset of serious or life-limiting disease. The efficacy of nonhospice outpatient palliative care programs(More)
In an acute experiment the effect of Coffeinum-Sodium-salicylicum (3 mg/kg body weight) on the parameter of lipolysis Free Fatty Acids (FFA) and free glycerin in early pregnancy is investigated. On the base of literature data the possibility of labour induction due to high blood-values of FFA and glycerin is explained and the importance of the(More)
In 75 fertile women with healthy metabolism the influence of the oestrogen-gestagen-combination preparation ovosiston on the lipid fractions free fatty acids and free glycerin was tested. In a highly significant increase of glycerin an excessive amount of the free fatty acids could not be ascertained statistically.
To determine the eventual influence of the vernix caseosa on the actual pH-value of the amniotic fluid we compared the pH-value of 50 samples of non-filtered amniotic fluid and the pH-values of filtered portions of the same samples. The samples were taken after delivery of the fetus. We found a distinct shift of the pH-values of the filtered portions to(More)
The parameter of carbohydrate and fat metabolism (FFA, glyzerin and blood sugar) was tested among forty pregnant women with a monosymptomatic H-gestosis in the thirty-eighth and forty-second week of pregnancy. With a clear rise of all tested metabolic parameters in the single control group and the current significance of an excessive increase in the values(More)
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