William D Lukas

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To examine age-related changes in body composition and testosterone (T) among men in an urban sub-Saharan African population, measures of body composition and salivary T were obtained from 109 males ages 20-78 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Measures included height, weight, suprailiac and triceps skinfold, and percent body fat by bioelectric impedance (BIA). Saliva(More)
This article reviews the effects of malnutrition on early brain development using data generated from animal experiments and human clinical studies. Three related processes, each with their own functional consequences, are implicated in the alteration of brain development. (1) Maternal undernutrition at the start of pregnancy results in reduced transfer of(More)
To determine the role of cortisol in modulating the effects of energetics on muscle mass in a subsistence society, measures of cortisol and body composition were obtained from a sample of Turkana men. Subjects were 63 settled and 69 nomadic men, ages 24 and older. Urinary cortisol was determined along with measures of muscle mass. Cortisol/creatinine ratio(More)
Undiluted urine mixed directly with HRP suppresses generation of enzyme product to less than 80% of that seen in buffer controls. Incubating dilutions of various urine preparations with HRP immobilized on concanavalin A coated microtiter plates reveals that the source of urine or HRP, and the type of HRP substrate used have minimal effect on the degree of(More)
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