William D. Heavlin

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Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a motor neuron disease caused by dysfunction of the survival motor neuron (SMN) gene. Human SMN gene is present in duplicated copies: SMN1 and SMN2. More than 95% of patients with SMA lack a functional SMN1 but retain at least one copy of SMN2. Unlike SMN1, SMN2 is primarily transcribed into truncated messenger RNA and(More)
Critics contend that goal attainment scaling lacks an adequate theoretical framework; this lack has created conceptual and methodological difficulties. This article develops a mathematical model that defines the psychometric properties of the goal attainment scale and that links it both to the theory of normative measurement and to the theory of(More)
In this paper we study the implications for conference program commiŠees of adopting single-blind reviewing, in which committee members are aware of the names and aliations of paper authors, versus double-blind reviewing, in which this information is not visible to commiŠee members. WSDM 2017, the 10th ACM International ACM Conference on Web Search and(More)
Consider predicting a response using an additive model. A gamut is an additional, usually continuous variable that can segment data and any associated estimates; the underlying model varies smoothly. Examples of gamuts: (a) for disease, ages of subjects, their initial severity status, and/or cumulative exposure doses; (b) for learning, measures of(More)
Consider a prediction problem with correlated predictors. In such a case, the best model specification, that is, the best subset of active predictors, can be ambiguous. In spite of this ambiguity, a forecast that informs a high-stakes decision warrants a compact, informative description of the model that produces it. For forecasts based on ensemble models,(More)
Conventional factory productivity measures discount experiments as inefficient. Motivated by the research and development environment of semiconductor manufacturing, this work proposes a complementary factory metric, potential information. The proposal adapts and modifies somewhat the Doptimal criterion of experimental design theory. Desirable properties(More)
When wholesale prices are high and/or when the electricity system reliability is jeopardized, utilities have programs that encourage their customers to shed loads; these programs are called demand response (DR). Most large energy consumers, for example the buildings comprising Google's Mountain View, CA campus, have some ability to control, and therefore(More)
Motivated by online display ad exchanges, we study a setting in which an exchange repeatedly interacts with bidders who have quota, making decisions about which subsets of bidders are called to participate in ad-slot-specific auctions. A bidder with quota cannot respond to more than a certain number of calls per second. In practice, random throttling is the(More)