William D. Fisher

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Cartilage-pannus junctions of the rheumatoid lesion have been examined by histochemical and ultrastructural techniques in an attempt to identify the cells responsible for cartilage degradation. Mast cells have been identified at sites of cartilage erosion in 3 specimens of rheumatoid joint. It is known that mast cells participate in immunological reactions,(More)
Concentrations of deoxyadenosine which have little effect on net ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis or on increase in cell mass selectively inhibit deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) synthesis in Agmenellum quadruplicatum. Exogenously supplied deoxyadenosine, at concentrations above 10 mug/ml, stimulates DNA degradation. These results are correlated with a rapid(More)
An alpha macroglobulin fraction (19S) was isolated from the serum of rats and BC(3)F(1) mice by zonal ultracentrifugation. Both the isologous and heterologous macroglobulin fractions increased survival among BC(3)F(1) mice x-irradiated with 750 roentgens. The mouse macroglobulin fraction also enhanced radiation recovery of hematopoietic tissue as measured(More)