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The anterior adhesive mechanism was studied for Merizocotyle icopae (Monogenea: Monocotylidae). Adult anterior apertures can open and close. In addition, duct endings terminating within the apertures are everted or retracted depending on the stage of attachment. Adhesive in adults is synthesized from all 3 secretory types (rod-shaped, small and large(More)
of human plasma fluoride concentration. rg6o.-There is a constancy of plasma fluoride content of individuals who use communal water within the range O. 15-2.5 ppm fluoride. With an intake of 5.4 ppm of fluoride in the communal water there is a slight but significant elevation of the plasma concentration. There is no evidence of a marked or prolonged rise of(More)
The incorporation and removal of strontium from the bones and teeth of rats under conditions of low and high dietary levels of strontium were investigated. In an otherwise satisfactory diet, an amount of strontium equimolar to that of calcium seriously debilitates the young growing rat and may culminate in death. The pathology due to strontium was found by(More)