William Conley

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A ir Force 2025 was a study directed by the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force to identify key system concepts and technologies for achieving air and space dominance in the year 2025. The study was a large effort in which over 200 military experts participated for more than one year. We developed a Value-Focused Thinking model, which we used to(More)
Long-lived recombinant inbred lines, some of which have mean and maximum life spans up to 70% longer than wild type, were used in these analyses. Longer life results from a slower exponential rate of increase in mortality. General motor activity decreases with chronological age in all genotypes; this decay in general motor activity is a biomarker of aging(More)
combines the longest running conference in the field of evolutionary computation (ICGA) and the world's two largest EC conferences (GP and ICGA) to bring together the best in research in the growing field of genetic and evolutionary computation. Based on record-breaking submissions, GECCO-99 promises to be the largest conference ever held in the field of(More)
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