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A trapped field of 17.7 T in a stack of high temperature superconducting tape
High temperature superconducting (HTS) tape can be cut and stacked to generate large magnetic fields at cryogenic temperatures after inducing persistent currents in the superconducting layers. AExpand
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Robust fractional quantum Hall effect in the N=2 Landau level in bilayer graphene
The fractional quantum Hall effect is a canonical example of electron–electron interactions producing new ground states in many-body systems. Most fractional quantum Hall studies have focussed on theExpand
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Small plastic piston-cylinder cell for pulsed magnetic field studies at cryogenic temperatures
A plastic piston-cylinder cell based on a thick wall test-tube has been designed for pulsed magnetic field studies. The small 12.7 mm diameter and overall height of 19.3 mm allow the cell to freelyExpand
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Reentrant quantum oscillations in CeIn$_3$