William Collier

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OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness and side effects of migraine prophylactic medications. DESIGN We performed a network meta-analysis. Data were extracted independently in duplicate and quality was assessed using both the JADAD and Cochrane Risk of Bias instruments. Data were pooled and network meta-analysis performed using random effects models. (More)
Two well-established findings are apparent in the analyses of individual wage determination: cross-section wage equations can account for less than half of the variance in earnings and there are large and persistent inter-industry wage differentials. We explore these two empirical regularities using longitudinal data from the BHPS. We show that around 90%(More)
The non-structural protein 4B (NS4B) from Hepatitis C virus (HCV) plays a pivotal role in the remodelling of the host cell's membranes, required for the formation of the viral replication complex where genome synthesis occurs. NS4B is an integral membrane protein that possesses a number of domains vital for viral replication. Structural and biophysical(More)
This paper contributes evidence about the links between training, the quality of labour and establishment performance, using an objective proxy for performance, namely commercial survival. We place this evidence in the framework of a model in which managers have varying beliefs about the efficacy of education and training, leading thus to potential(More)
This paper utilises survey data of return migrants to analyse the determinants of remittances sent while the migrants were abroad. We approach our research question from the perspective of three sending countries in the Maghreb, namely Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. We investigate the remittance behaviour using the migrants' conditions before migration as(More)
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