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Discovering the mechanisms by which genetic variation influences phenotypes is integral to understanding life-history evolution. Models describing causal relationships among traits in a developmental hierarchy provide a functional basis for understanding the correlations often observed among life-history traits. In this paper, we evaluate a developmental(More)
In order to better understand insulation performance under real-life operation conditions, a new test set-up was installed to apply multiple stresses (electrical, mechanical, and thermal) simultaneously on test coils in the formette. This is a continued effort from our previous study that focused mainly on the differences in dielectric performance of(More)
Many lotic ecosystems are spatially and temporally heterogeneous but none more so than dryland streams flowing through arid and semi-arid landscapes. Understanding seasonal variation in richness and trait composition is critical to our fundamental understanding of these dynamic stream networks. Here, we analyzed aquatic macroinvertebrate communities within(More)
Epoxy-Anhydride VPI resin generally has excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties and much lower curing volatile than other types of VPI resins, such as Epoxy Ester-Styrene system and Unsaturated Polyesterimide-Vinyltoluene system. So it is widely used in insulation applications of electrical apparatus. In this paper, a toughness(More)
In this article, a novel environmental friendly polyester-imide impregnating resin was developed by combining polyester-imide, novel active cross-linking monomer and effective initiator-inhibitor system. The new resin has excellent processing abilities, suitable for usual dipping, VPI, and dip-rolling machines. The comprehensive performance of this new(More)
In recent years, Flight Landata, Inc in Massachusetts, US has developed a series of innovative electro-optical (EO)[1,2], multispectral[3], hyperspectral[4], and multi-sensor imaging systems[5,6] for advanced airborne remote sensing applications. Among them, the BuckEye EO is a series of portable photogrammetric imaging systems that have been flown aboard(More)
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