William Cavendish

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Rural households have been suspected to rely heavily on goods and services freely provided by environmental resources. However, there has been no adequate quantitative analysis of this issue due to a lack of appropriate household data sets encompassing economic and environmental data. We use a purpose-collected 213 household data set from rural Zimbabwe to(More)
Heegaard Floer homology is an extremely powerful invariant for closed oriented three-manifolds, introduced by Peter Ozsváth and Zoltán Szabó. This invariant was later generalized by them and independently by Jacob Rasmussen to an invariant for knots inside three-manifolds called knot Floer homology, which was later even further generalized to include the(More)
Ð Analysis of rural households and environmental resources is beset by inadequate data, especially in Africa. Using purpose-collected panel data from Zimbabwe, we demonstrate seven empirical regularities in the rural poverty-environment relationship. Most important, environmental resources make a signi®cant contribution to average rural incomes. Poorer(More)
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