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An Experimental Approach to Vibro-Acoustic Study of Beam-Type Structures
In this paper an alternative procedure to vibro-acoustics study of beam-type structures is presented. With this procedure, it is possible to determine the resonant modes, the bending wave propagation
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 1: Modeling)
The rocking of the loudspeaker diaphragm is a severe problem in headphones, micro-speakers and other kinds of loudspeakers causing voice coil rubbing which limits the maximum acoustical output at low
Optimal Material Parameter Estimation by Fitting Finite Element Simulations to Loudspeaker Measurements
Important characteristics for the sound quality of loudspeakers like frequency response and directivity are determined by the size, geometry and material parameters of the components interfacing the
Playing with the Ecua-parquet Jogando com o Ecua-parquet
The classroom experience is presented in this paper was developed as part of the initial practices Degree in Mathematics from the National Pedagogical University in the period 2013-I. The practice
Viscoelastic Response of Graphene Oxide‐Based Membranes and Efficient Broadband Sound Transduction
Freestanding micrometer thick graphene oxide (GO) membranes combine high stiffness, low mass density, and high loss coefficient. This unique combination of properties is ideal for efficient and
Active Vibration Control of Breakup Modes in Loudspeaker Diaphragms
One of the factors which contribute to the degradation of the sound quality of the loudspeakers are the breakup modes of the membrane since they cause complex directivity patterns, peaks and deeps in