William Cachia

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Computer games are unique creativity domains in that they elegantly fuse several facets of creative work including visuals, narrative, music, architecture and design. While the exploration of possibilities across facets of creativity offers a more realistic approach to the game design process, most existing autonomous (or semi-autonomous) game content(More)
Beyond the standard use of music as a passive and, sometimes, optional component of player experience the impact of music as a guide for the procedural generation of game content has not been explored yet. Being a core elicitor of player experience music can be used to drive the generation of personalized game content for a particular musical theme, song or(More)
This paper introduces a search-based generative process for first person shooter levels. Genetic algorithms evolve the level’s architecture and the placement of powerups and player spawnpoints, generating levels with one floor or two floors. The evaluation of generated levels combines metrics collected from simulations of artificial agents competing in the(More)
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