William C. Wylie

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We define a gradient Ricci soliton to be rigid if it is a flat bundle N × Γ R k where N is Einstein. It is known that not all gradient solitons are rigid. Here we offer several natural conditions on the curvature that characterize rigid gradient solitons. Other related results on rigidity of Ricci solitons are also explained in the last section.
We study gradient Ricci solitons with maximal symmetry. First we show that there are no non-trivial homogeneous gradient Ricci solitons. Thus the most symmetry one can expect is an isometric cohomogeneity one group action. Many examples of cohomogeneity one gradient solitons have been constructed. However, we apply the main result in [12] to show that there(More)
The contribution of flavoprotein fluorescence to redox sensitive cellular autofluorescence was studied in single isolated adult rat heart cells. Fluorescence was measured quantitatively under conditions stimulating flavoprotein fluorescence in cells subjected to no inhibitors (sham), to cyanide, to 2,4-dinitrophenol, and to hypoxia. It was found that(More)
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