William C. Thacker

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If values of variables in a numerical model are limited to specified ranges, these restrictions should be enforced when data are assimilated. The simplest option is to assimilate without regard for constraints and then to correct any violations without worrying about additional corrections implied by correlated errors. This paper addresses the incorporation(More)
The Deep Water Horizon well blowout on April 20th 2010 discharged between 40,000–1.2 million tons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. In order to understand the fate and impact of the discharged oil, particularly on the environmentally sensitive Florida Keys region, we have implemented a multi-component application which consists of many individual(More)
Predictions of the rate of accumulation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the Pacific Ocean near 32°S and 150°W based on the P16 surveys of 1991 and 2005 and on the P06 surveys of 1992 and 2003 underestimate the amount found in the P06 survey of 2009-2010, suggesting an increasing uptake rate. Assuming the accumulation rate to be constant over the two(More)
Nonlinear transfer from wave-wave i n teractions is an important term in the action-balance equation governing t h e e v olution of the surface-gravity-wave eld. Computation of this term, however, has hitherto been so consuming of computer resources that its full representation has not been feasible in nonparametric two-dimensional computer models of this e(More)
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