William C. Summers

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The book is well written and clearly organized. Each chapter provides sufficient introduction and explanatory materials for the reader to comprehend the key points within it. The format allows those outside the field of PTSD to understand this critical study. The volume also attempts to reach out to Vietnam veterans. It includes an informative self-help(More)
It has been just five years since gray-scale ultrasound (U/S) became clinically available. Yet the day-today importance of U/S in general medicine and surgery-not just the traditional areas of ob/gyn and echocardiography-would be hard to overestimate. Because U/S is so new, however, there are still many clinicians who are ill at ease with those funny fuzzy(More)
The important second part of the book, which is more cellular, concerns the cytoplasmic cytoskeleton and its potential relationship to the membrane. These subjects include the molecular architecture of the microvillus cytoskeleton, that of the placental microvilli, that of the brush border and its relationship to contractility, the involvement of membrane(More)
S ince the enlightenment, scientists have enjoyed a self-image as rational actors, guided only by reason, evidence and logic. When the Royal Society of London was founded in 1660 it chose as its motto " nullius in verba " (often translated as " on the word of no one ") a reference to Horace's Epistles " Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri… " (being(More)
Restriction endonucleases which cleave DNA at specific nucleotide sequences can be used to produce a set of DNA fragments of a viral genome which, when separated by gel electrophoresis, gives a characteristic "fingerprint" for that virus genome. This simple technique has been used to identify and classify DNA viruses of the herpes, adeno, and papova virus(More)
We wished to learn whether the genomes of strains of EMB isolated from patients with infectious mononucleosis are consistently distinguishable from those of strains from Burkitt's lymphoma. The genome of a new transforming strains (FF41) of EBV isolated from saliva of a patient with uncomplicated infectious mononucleosis was compared with the DNA of B95-8,(More)
Robert van Gulik was a respected Dutch sinologist and author who first translated a collection of traditional Chinese detective stories into English and then created additional fictional stories based on the same characters and setting in the Tang dynasty. One of these stories, The Chinese Nail Murders, draws on van Gulik's professional interest in law and(More)