William C. Plaxton

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PEPC [PEP(phosphoenolpyruvate) carboxylase] is a tightly controlled cytosolic enzyme situated at a major branchpoint in plant metabolism. Accumulating evidence indicates important functions for PEPC and PPCK (PEPC kinase) in plant acclimation to nutritional P(i) deprivation. However, little is known about the genetic origin or phosphorylation status of(More)
PEPC [PEP (phosphoenolpyruvate) carboxylase] is a tightly controlled anaplerotic enzyme situated at a pivotal branch point of plant carbohydrate metabolism. Two distinct oligomeric PEPC classes were discovered in developing COS (castor oil seeds). Class-1 PEPC is a typical homotetramer of 107 kDa PTPC (plant-type PEPC) subunits, whereas the novel 910-kDa(More)
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