William C. Hoffman

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Peter Dodwell was the first to realize the significance of conformal geometry and conformal mapping for perceptual psychology. The importance of conformal properties in perception is now well recognized, and its key role in explicating perceptual phenomena demonstrated. The pioneering efforts of Professor Dodwell in this regard are described, and the(More)
Adulticides applied against mosquitoes can reduce vector populations during times of high arbovirus transmission. However, impacts of these insecticides on pollinators and other non-target organisms are of concern to mosquito control professionals, beekeepers and others. We evaluated mortality of Culex quinquefasciatus and Apis mellifera when caged insects(More)
The essence of biological phenomena appears in form and function: "Form follows function." Mathematically, G × M → M, where G contains the parameters of the action and M is the form. The Mathematics for this purpose is largely available and is well described in a recent book (Felix et al., 2008).
A theoretical model for the visual intcgrativc process is advanced that is based upon microelectrode studies of the animal visual cortex by Hubel and Wiesel, Jung, and others. In this theoretical model the cortical columns of direction-sensing elements found by Hubel and Weisel are interpreted as sets of isoclines making up the visual field. The form of a(More)
The thesis is reaffirmed that form memory (recognition) resides in the morphology of neuronal arborescences, the latter constituting physiological counterparts of local phase portraits of the infinitesimal transformation groups involved. At birth the brain comes equipped with essentially its full complement of neurons. These are initially in a very(More)
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