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A method is described which measures the local effectiveness of the myocardial circulation, expressed as a clearance constant. Uniform clearance constants have been demonstrated in the normal canine and human myocardium. A distinct difference in clearance constants has been demonstrated between the normal canine myocardium and areas of naturally occurring(More)
Since gentamicin accumulates in the renal cortex before renal failure and calcium reduces gentamicin binding to cell membranes, we examined the effect of dietary calcium loading on gentamicin toxicity in male F344 rats. Rats were fed either a normal (0.5%)- or a high (4%)-calcium-content chow. Calcium loading did not alter inulin clearance, urinary(More)
Age-matched male and female Fischer 344 rats were treated with gentamicin, 40 mg/kg of animal body weight per day, for three to 21 days. Renal dysfunction was less severe in females as measured by concentrations of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine and by cortical slice uptake of p-aminohippuric acid and N1-methylnicotinamide chloride. Also, cortical(More)
Rainfall and the amount of water available to leach ions from soil are among the most important features determining mineral weathering, secondary mineral synthesis and soil chemical properties. Along an arid to humid climosequence on Kohala Mountain, Hawaii, we sampled 16 soil profiles and found that weathering and soil properties change in a nonlinear(More)