William C. Brantley

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The challenges to push computing to exaflop levels are difficult given desired targets for memory capacity, memory bandwidth, power efficiency, reliability, and cost. This paper presents a vision for an architecture that can be used to construct exascale systems. We describe a conceptual Exascale Node Architecture (ENA), which is the computational building(More)
Hybrid nodes with hardware accelerators are becoming very common in systems today. Users often find it difficult to characterize and understand the performance advantage of such accelerators for their applications. The SPEC High Performance Group (HPG) has developed a set of performance metrics to evaluate the performance and power consumption of(More)
Memory contention can be a major source of overhead in large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors. Although there are many hardware solutions to the problem of memory contention, these solutions are often complex and expensive, so software solutions are an attractive alternative. This paper evaluates one particular software solution, called block-column(More)