William C. Birdsall

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this article is to estimate and validate a logistic model of alcohol-impaired driving using previously ignored alcohol consumption behaviors, other risky behaviors, and demographic characteristics as independent variables. METHODS The determinants of impaired driving are estimated using the US Centers for Disease Control and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine significant predictors of severity of sentencing of sex offenders of minors in a jurisdiction which obtains many confessions. METHOD Data were abstracted from 323 criminal court case records of sexually abused minors over 11 years in a county which places a high priority on sexual abuse prosecution. The sample used in this analysis(More)
This study examines correlates of offender confession in criminal sexual conduct cases involving children. The cases consist of all closed court files (N=318), spanning the last 10 years from a single jurisdiction. This jurisdiction has a community-wide protocol for handling child sexual abuse cases, a high rate of charging (69%), a high rate of confession(More)
MEASURES USED TO PROTECT SUBJECTS in publicly distributed microdata files often have a significant negative impact on key analytic uses of the data. For example, it may be important to analyze subpopulations within a data file such as racial minorities, yet these subjects may present the greatest disclosure risk because their records tend to stand out or be(More)
Microeconomics refers to the economics of decision-making units, such as an individual consumer, a household, or a firm. In this paper we are concerned with microeconomic simulation models. Such models have been used for the purpose of analyzing the impact of various policies, such as tax and welfare reform, upon the distribution of income of households.(More)
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