William Burns

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— We report achieving a record low noise figure for an amplifierless fiber-optic link — d 15 dB over the frequency range 1.0 – 9.5 GHz — via a combination of a low-V S Mach-Zehnder modulator with two antiphase outputs, a high-power laser, and a balanced photodetector pair. We also present a complete model for this link that predicts its measured performance(More)
Existing context-aware applications are limited in their support of user personalisation. Nevertheless, the increase in the use of context-aware technologies has sparked the growth in assistive applications resulting in a need to enable adaptation to reflect the changes in user behaviors. This paper introduces a systematic approach to service(More)
Existing context-aware adaptation techniques are limited in their support for user personalization. There is relatively less developed research involving adaptive user modeling for user applications in the emerging areas of mobile and pervasive computing. This paper describes the creation of a User Profile Ontology for context-aware application(More)
This paper presents a novel system, which uses a set of video cameras to support the manual annotation of object interaction and person to object interaction within smart environments. The DANTE (Dynamic ANnotation system for smart Environments) system uses two stereo-based cameras to monitor and track objects, which are tagged with inexpensive paper based(More)
Forty mothers whose preterm infants were about to be discharged from the Neonatal Intermediate Care Nursery (NICU) were randomly assigned to two groups: the first group of mothers conducted preterm infant massage and the second group only observed their preterm infants receiving massage. Both groups of mothers had lower depressed mood scores following the(More)
—We present a broad-bandwidth (1 – 12 GHz) low-biased external modulation fiber-optic link without pre-amplifiers that has a gain of 6 dB – 14 dB and a noise figure of < 7.5 dB everywhere in this broad bandwidth, with a record low noise figure of only 3.4 dB at 2 GHz. The third-order distortion-limited spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of this link within(More)
The lack of a standard format to store data generated within the smart environments research domain is limiting the opportunity for researchers to share and reuse datasets. The opportunity to exchange datasets is further hampered due to the lack of an online resource to facilitate this. In our current work we have attempted to resolve these issues through(More)