William Bryson

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The reliability of photogrammetry was assessed in 18 healthy young, white Canadians of each sex. Landmarks were indicated on the face before direct measurement and photography. Of 104 surface measurements taken directly from the head, face, and ears of subjects, 62 could be duplicated on the life-size frontal and left lateral photographs taken from the head(More)
The Semiconductor Industry Associates (SIA) estimates that counterfeiting costs the US semiconductor companies $7.5B in lost revenue, and this is indeed a growing global problem. Repackaging the old ICs, selling the failed test parts, as well as gray marketing, are the most dominant counterfeiting practices. Can technology do a better job than lawyers? What(More)
By incorporating the Chip Multi-Threading (CMT) and operating system predictive self-healing technologies, the Sun CMT/Solaris based servers are not only cost/performance effective, but also more robust in reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) than the X86/Linux servers with similar performance. The differentiators include higher levels of(More)