William Bruce Weaver

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HOW do men communicate, one with another? The spoken word, either direct or by telephone or radio; the written or printed word, transmitted by hand, by post, by telegraph, or in any other way—these are obvious and common forms of communication. But there are many others. A nod or a wink, a drumbeat in the jungle, a gesture pictured on a television screen,(More)
On 4 July 2005, many observatories around the world and in space observed the collision of Deep Impact with comet 9P/Tempel 1 or its aftermath. This was an unprecedented coordinated observational campaign. These data show that (i) there was new material after impact that was compositionally different from that seen before impact; (ii) the ratio of dust mass(More)
This paper develops a refinance model that provides pertinent information for investors about refinancing their mortgage. We discuss the input variables and how to compute the breakeven number of months when deciding to refinance a mortgage. We incorporate the interest rate tax effects that are normally ignored by investors when making their refinancing(More)
In this paper is presented an information system based on Web Mashup application for offering various information services in disaster situation (floods). This system will allow damaged citizens wearing mobile devices to discover services such as: emergency shelters and housing, flooded neighborhood, collection centers, river level, red cross, flood-damaged(More)