William. Bruce Jackson

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Lyding et al. 1 have recently reported significant improvements in the lifetime of metal oxide semiconductor ͑MOS͒ transistors due to incorporation of deuterium ͑D͒, rather than hydrogen ͑H͒, at the Si/SiO 2 interface. This remarkable achievement indicates that the Si–D bond is more resistant to hot-electron excitation than the Si–H bond. Lyding et al.(More)
A bi-functional epoxy-based cross-linker, 1,4-Butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDGE), was investigated in the fabrication of collagen based corneal substitutes. Two synthetic strategies were explored in the preparation of the cross-linked collagen scaffolds. The lysine residues of Type 1 porcine collagen were directly cross-linked using l,4-Butanediol(More)
Multi-flash campimetry is a computer-implemented psychophysical technique that allows temporal resolution to be assessed in 120 points per eye in a half hour. It has previously been reported that the results can serve to distinguish between multiple sclerosis patients and control subjects. We have now used this technique to measure temporal resolution in(More)
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