William Bergeron

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A crucial element of large web companies is their ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of data. Tuple store databases are a key enabling technology employed by many of these companies (e.g., Google Big Table and Amazon Dynamo). Tuple stores are highly scalable and run on commodity clusters, but lack interfaces to support efficient development of(More)
The study examined similarities and differences between sex-role orientations of college students and their same-sex parents. College undergraduates filled out the Bem Sex-role Inventory twice: once to describe themselves and the second time to describe their same-sex parents. The inventory was also used to obtain parental self-reports. Compared to their(More)
In mass trauma situations, emergency personnel are challenged with the task of prioritizing the care of many injured victims. We propose a trauma patient tracking system (TPTS) where first-responders tag all patients with a wireless monitoring device that continuously reports the location of each patient. The system can be used not only to prioritize(More)
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