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OBJECTIVE To carry out a systematic review of the literature examining the efficacy of psychological interventions (e.g., relaxation, biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Studies that met the following criteria were included: random assignment, wait-list or usual care control condition;(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the quality of reports of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in the pediatric population. We also examined whether there was a change in the quality of reporting over time. METHODS We used a systematic sample of 251 reports of RCTs that used a CAM intervention. The quality of each report(More)
For more than 200 years, biomedicine has approached the treatment of disease by studying disease processes (patho-genesis), inferring causal connections and developing specific approaches for therapeutically interfering with those processes. This pathogenic approach has been highly successful in acute and traumatic disease but less successful in chronic(More)
Sharp L p extensions of Pitt's inequality expressed as a weighted Sobolev inequality are obtained using convolution estimates and Stein-Weiss potentials. Optimal constants are obtained for the full Stein-Weiss potential as a map from L p to itself which in turn yield semi-classical Rellich inequalities on R n. Additional results are obtained for Stein-Weiss(More)
Sharp extensions of Pitt's inequality and bounds for Stein-Weiss fractional integrals are obtained that incorporate gradient forms and vector-valued operators. Such results include Hardy-Rellich inequalities. Weighted inequalities provide quantitative information to characterize integrability for differential and integral operators and intrinsically are(More)
Sharp error estimates in terms of the fractional Laplacian and a weighted Besov norm are obtained for Pitt's inequality by using the spectral representation with weights for the fractional Laplacian due to Frank, Lieb and Seiringer and the sharp Stein-Weiss inequality. Dilation invariance, group symmetry on a non-unimodular group and a nonlinear Stein-Weiss(More)
I am indebted for many years of support and guidance, and also for leading me into the area of partial differential equations. Also, I am very grateful to Professor Rafael de la Llave for his encouragement and useful disscutions during my thesis work. I also express my gratitude to Professor Lawrence C. Evans for many interesting discussions, and for(More)
Dedicated, like every good thing, to my parents. Acknowledgments My path in life to a PhD in mathematics has been longer than most; so too will be my acknowledgements. My parents I must thank for everything, but most particularly for demonstrating to me by the example of their lives that knowledge and rationality are virtues, while ignorance is not. I thank(More)
Although the listing that follows represents the majority of documents cited in NRC publications , it is not Intended to be exhaustive. Referenced documents available for Inspection and copying for a fee from the NRC Public Document Room include NRC correspondence and internal NRC memoranda; NRC Office of The following documents in the NUREG series are(More)