William Becker

Gerhard Glomm2
John Siegfried2
Steve Stern1
2Gerhard Glomm
2John Siegfried
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This paper estimates the dollar amount of public higher education subsidies received by U.S. youth and examines the distribution of subsidies and the taxes which finance them across parental and student income levels. Although youths from high-income families obtain more benefit from higher education subsidies, high-income households pay sufficiently more(More)
This paper constructs new rankings of economics journals, economics departments, and economists that employ a measure of teaching-focused research productivity, an area of growing importance in recent years. The ranking methodologies presented here use information from articles that were published from 1991 through the early part of 2005 within the Journal(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, we investigated the effects of mild motion sickness and sopite syndrome on multitasking cognitive performance. BACKGROUND Despite knowledge on general motion sickness, little is known about the effect of motion sickness and sopite syndrome on multitasking cognitive performance. Specifically, there is a gap in existing knowledge in(More)
Using teacher level data from public, private, and charter schools, we examine how various school level wage frictions such as salary schedules and collective bargaining agreements affect the level of teacher quality across subject levels in U.S. high schools. We find that salary schedules have a significant negative effect on teacher quality, reducing(More)
  • Gregory Gilpin, William Becker, Gerhard Glomm, Michael Kaganovich, Rusty
  • 2008
Teacher attrition rates in unionized and non-unionized schools are distinctly different. The ways in which individuals enter teaching are also very different and are dependent upon an individual " s preferences and abilities. Thus, the difference in teacher attrition may reflect more on individuals " self-selection into teaching than the barriers to(More)
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