William Becker

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Economists have become interested in the behavior of random processes with positive feedback but have sometimes found it difficult to introduce students to this research. Simulation of the law of large numbers with increasing amounts of feedback provides a convenient framework for such discussion and facilitates a nontechnical introduction to recent work on(More)
In 1995 and 2000, the authors surveyed academic economists in the United States to establish how economics is taught in four types of undergraduate courses. The authors report overall findings from the 2000 survey and compare these results with the aggregate findings for respondents from all types of colleges and universities in the 1995 survey. The basic(More)
In 1995, 2000, and 2005 the authors surveyed U.S. academic economists in the United States to investigate how economics is taught in four different types of undergraduate courses at post-secondary institutions. They looked for any changes in teaching methods that occurred over this decade, when there were several prominent calls for economists and(More)
In Becker (1997), I called attention to economists' lack of interest in the teaching of economics and the plunging number of majors in economics within the United States. Six years later I reported on the growth in economists' interest in the teaching of economics and an apparent turnaround in the number of majors (Becker, 2003). For instance, when(More)
We present a deep observation with the X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission of PSR B1823–13, a young pulsar with similar properties to the Vela pulsar. We detect two components to the X-ray emission associated with PSR B1823–13: an elongated core of extent 30 ′′ immediately surrounding the pulsar, embedded in a fainter, diffuse component of emission 5 ′ in extent,(More)