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In the visual cortex of the monkey the horizontal organization of the preferred orientations of orientation-selective cells follows two opposing rules: (1) neighbors tend to have similar orientation preferences, and (2) many different orientations are observed in a local region. We have described a classification for orientation maps based on the types of(More)
Recent years have witnessed significant advances in 3D brush modeling and simulation in digital paint tools. Compared with traditional 2D brushes, a 3D brush can be both more intuitive and more expressive by offering an experience closer to wielding a real, physical brush. To support popular media types such as oil and pastel, most previous 3D brush models(More)
A number of image processing parameters in the 3D reconstruction of a ribosome complex from a cryo-EM data set were varied to test their effects on the final resolution. The parameters examined were pixel size, window size, and mode of Fourier amplitude enhancement at high spatial frequencies. In addition, the strategy of switching from large to small pixel(More)
Project Gustav is a digital painting system that enables artists to become immersed in the digital painting experience. It achieves interactivity and realism by leveraging the GPU to implement our novel art media modeling and brush simulation algorithms. Compared with current digital painting packages, there are two main advances over state-of-the-art. The(More)
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