William Baumgartner

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UNLABELLED CaGE is a Cardiac Gene Expression knowledgebase we have developed to facilitate the analysis of genes important to human cardiac function. CaGE integrates the functionality of the LocusLink database with data from several human cardiac expression libraries, phenotypic data from OMIM and data from large-scale microarray gene expression studies to(More)
Ontological concepts are useful for many different biomedical tasks. Concepts are difficult to recognize in text due to a disconnect between what is captured in an ontology and how the concepts are expressed in text. There are many recognizers for specific ontologies, but a general approach for concept recognition is an open problem. Three dictionary-based(More)
We are developing techniques for processing the high gradient (75MV/m) X-band accelerating structures for the NLC. Accelerometers attached to the structures detect surprisingly large acoustic signals believed to be due to RF heating. On a pulse that causes breakdown, these signals increase substantially, producing up to 50 G accelerations at >20KHz. The(More)
We describe a system that automatically extracts biological events from biomedical journal articles, and translates those events into Biological Expression Language (BEL) statements. The system incorporates existing text mining components for coreference resolution, biological event extraction and a previously formally untested strategy for BEL statement(More)
Conceptual recognition is the process of mapping from natural language texts to a formal representation of the objects and predicates (together, the concepts) meant by the text. The history of attempts to build programs to do conceptual recognition dates back to at least 1967 [1]. Recent advances in the availability of high quality ontologies, in the(More)
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